4 Large 8 x 4 Foot Wooden Panels I Collaborated On for “Fire & Ice” Event 2015

Hey Friends,

The gallery of images you see is of four large 8x 4 foot wooden panels that I collaborated on with other painter friends of mine as a favour to the Alton Mill Arts Centre and their Annual “Fire & Ice” Event. We were asked to do this for the Alton Mill as representatives and members of our Youth Arts Space “Club Art Orangeville”.  We got to include our logo on the work to help promote our mission and increase press at the event.

These 4 panels were used at the backdrop for the event’s hockey rink nets. Once that part of the weekend long event was over- they used the wooden panels as decorative pieces inside and outside.

Even though we were given very little direction and guidelines to what was expected from us ; we knew we had to atleast capture the idea of “Fire & Ice” wether that was achieve in abstract, realistic or implied ways and I think they turned out absolutely wonderful.

We used a variety of methods including: acrylic paints and inks, rollers, stamps, stencils, scrapers, paint brushes, spray bottles and more! So much fun to just let loose and PLAY! I always find a get some very interesting and successful results from my art when I stop over thinking or planning and just PLAY 🙂

Over 6 artists collaboratively worked on pieces 1-3 but then one specific artist took on the 4th on his own; a very well established and respected artist i must add (Paul Morin)

Let me know what you think of these Fire & Ice panels and I hope you all have wonderful and productive week 🙂

Stay tuned for more of my crazy creative life



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