“The Parade” Sold To CBC’s Rick Mercer! Images from Event Attached As Well!

The ParadeWONDERFUL NEWS!!!!! “The Parade” now has a wonderful new home with Rick Mercer of CBC 😀 Check out his show The Rick Mercer Report ! 

Quick Recap for you:

My last post was about how DARE Arts- a worldwide youth arts charity asked myself and 3 of my friends to spray paint 12 large 8 foot by 4 foot foam panels with the 12 inspirational words their charity represents: DARE arts, DARE, Believe, Respect, Reflect, Responsibility, Achieve, Action, Excellence, Dream, Discipline, and Lead!

We ended up installing the 12 panels throughout the entrance of the DARE arts Leadership Awards Event in Downtown Toronto- they looked fantastic and created a lot of interest and discussion as guests arrived and walked through the front hall.

ANYWAYS, so as myself and my friends finished setting up our panels, the award recipient of the event “Rick Mercer” walked through the entrance and I actually almost opened the front door right into him on the way out!

He was immediately intrigued by what we were doing with the graffiti panels and started to ask me about our process of creating them and just chatting with us in general about his view of graffiti arts in today’s culture and how important youth arts in a community is. It was surreal, standing there in gross paint covered clothes- covered in sweat and dust, while Rick Mercer casually chatted with me in his prestige black and white suit.

We were running late so we kindly cut the conversation short and myself and my 2 friends ran back to the car to get our fancy cocktail outfits. By the time we got back the event was slowly starting, and we wanted to check out all the fantastic silent auction items.

Marilyn Field, the wonderful president of DARE arts generously allowed each of us graffiti artists to also bring a piece of traditional art for the silent auction. I chose to display this painting you see above “The Parade” because it is currently my strongest and most valuable piece right now- I figured it could use some spotlight.

Well I put the price down on the bid sheet and walked away to grab a cocktail, five minutes later a woman, unknown to me came running up to me and stated “If you are Jacklyn Hancock- I Just saw Rick Mercer put a bid on your moose painting and mark it as final price”

Needless to say, I freaked out and ran over to talk to him, get a picture with us and the painting and also thank him of course. It was a very happy and surreal moment, and what is even better is he continued to explain to me why he felt such a connection to the piece and how excited he was to leave the event with a unique an wonderful piece of art. I couldn’t be happier- hard work paying off 🙂


The actually event was amazing, DARE arts is a truly inspiring charity and the whole experience was so great I am glad I took the opportunity. It really shows me the array of possibilities that can come from networking and being open to try anything creative.

Here is a photo album from the actual event, photos taken by “Tom Sandler Photography”


17 thoughts on ““The Parade” Sold To CBC’s Rick Mercer! Images from Event Attached As Well!

  1. This is a wonderful story and a really lovely piece of art. Thanks so much for liking my post on Tide Line Still Life and leading me here! Best, Maggie

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