DARE Arts Leadership Awards 2014 – Commissioned Graffiti Panels

Hey Friends,

The gallery of images you see is of twelve 8×4 foot foam core panels that I was apart of spray painting in the past two weeks. DARE Arts, a worldwide youth arts charity is the organization that allowed my volunteer youth art centre to form. The president of DARE Arts asked my committee at “Club Art” to spray paint these twelve panels with graffiti style inspirational words so they could use them as decorations for their event. Myself and my 3 friends took the challenge and this is the result. Keeping in mind, 3 out of 4 of us had never spray painted before, we are all very happy with the results!

The first two images “lead” and “excellence” were done solely by myself and the third image is a panel “action” I helped worked on. The other 9 panels were done by the other 3 artists.

These twelve panels were hung in the entrance way of DARE Arts’ Leadership Awards 2014 event at “The Kool Haus” in Toronto this week and they looked fabulous and got great reviews. I am very proud of myself and my friends for taking on this commission project and getting great results and reviews.

I also recently arranged for a free liquitex paint workshop in our “Club Art” space and learned how versatile the new line of spray paints really are. I am experimenting with spray paints in my acrylic abstract paintings on canvas now- Crazy effects can be achieved !

Let me know what you think of these graffiti panels and specifically the first three images that I did myself:)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful and productive week. Stay tuned for more updates from me in the next couple days I have tons of exciting news !!



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