My First Solo Exhibition :)


Hey Friends 😀

I have included some photos of my first solo art display featured at the local Barley Vine Rail Co. Restaurant and Bar. I have 14 paintings on display all together featuring 12 semi representational acrylic animal pieces and 2 acrylic abstracts!


It is titled “A Curious Case” and originally I was looking at Canadian black bear photography for visual reference 🙂 It is 20 x 24 inches and acrylic on canvas.

As you can see from the gallery of images, the building itself is wonderfully lit during the day and also dramatically light at night from the inside and outside which is great because often times Dining Rooms are not ideal lighting for artwork but I lucked out. 🙂

I ran out of camera battery before I could get some high quality shots of my actual finished displays on the walls but I feel like you get a good idea of how it looks from these images. I only included 4 pieces of the actual art in this post PLUS ONE OF MY NEW ONES so as to keep some mystery as to which pieces I chose for the show and which pieces are brand new! Hehehe

In a week or two I will reveal the other 2 brand new paintings that I speant a lot of time on for this solo show! I have been tackling the largest animal paintings I have done to date and also find that I am challenging myself more then ever to play with composition which has created very interesting results.

Let me know what you think of this new featured piece “A Curious Case” and also please share with me your experiences with displaying art in Dining Rooms/ Restaurants! 🙂

Hope everyone is having a beautiful and productive week. What is the weather like right now for everyone? In Ontario we were sitting at 10 degrees above for the first half of the week and now we are at minus 10 degrees below for the weekend. MAKE UP YOUR MIND MOTHER NATURE AND BRING SPRING ALREADY.

The amount of snow melting as quick as it will be this year makes me worried for the depth of flooding, but oh my god am I ever ready to see some green leaves and grass!

Stay Creative My Lovelies 🙂



27 thoughts on “My First Solo Exhibition :)

    • Hey Cari 😀

      Thanks so much, it was definitly worth the stress and struggling for the rewards of the finished pieces and also witnessing them all being unified in one setting like this. Most people say they favour the moose the most, it is refreshing to hear that you favour the horse. Thanks again my dear friend. How have you been? Busy and well?

      • I love the horse :). I’m all good thanks. I’m an artist, like you, who love to experiment and I have been busy doing a lot of different pieces of all different mediums. One thing is for sure, I certainly cant be boxed into a particular style genre etc hahaha. Stay well and busy my friend and catch up with you again soon.

    • Thank you so much for more of your kind words. I am torn between the bear and the moose right now- they are very both different from eachother but are almost achieving the same level of adoration from me…which says alot ahahahahha
      Stay creative!

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