We have had multiple Tornados touch down all around here, today included. The humditiy levels are through the roof sitting at 45 degrees celcius and then a day like today where it is only 19 degrees and dry. Is the weather going crazy all over the world or is it just us? Ahahah I do not like watching the news but I am sure the weather has been out of wack in other countries as well. Mother Nature is NOT HAVIN IT ahaha. Enjoy these photos I snapped of a storm rolling in so fast after a perfectly sunny hot day. Have a good week friends!



5 thoughts on “STORMS ARE ROLLIN’ IN

    • Thanks SO MUCH you wonderful lady! I appreciate your feedback and support a tremendous amount! I hope you are doing well. Stay strong and keep creating you beautiful work! This award and my appreciation for your nomination is posted on my awards page!

      • well I am but I have daughter that is not well I had the reason up on my blog ..if you should happen to go in there and so nice of you to kind .
        Jacklyn, what about your is that going?’

  1. Hi Jacklyn had to say we could use them out in the Desert, So, Cal…the fires are here again they just started and 5000 acreas are gone already and the winds are brutal.., just like 2 weeks ago, you can’t go outside because the smoke is so thick…so many again lose them homes and the animals, on fireman has been hurt already. I was thinking about my little birds and butterflies in my yard they have such sensitive little systems…poor babies…well get that umbrella out.. and your horses in…have nite Sherri

    • WOW. This is a wake up call for me. I feel for you so much right now I wish we could send all this rain your way ! Hope families and friends are staying supportive of everyone who has lost someone or something in your situation! Poor little ecosystems burning and suffering! Really hoping for some better luck your way. Try to stay postive.

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