Father’s Day Gift For My Daddy :D


Hey Friends!

So for Father’s Day tomorrow I decided to get this portrait of my dad matted and framed.

I found this portrait crinkled and torn edged, sitting under dusty boxes when helping my dad clean his work offices. I asked him when this was done and who did it.

He told me that when he was about 18 or 19, he was walking through a mall and a lady came up to him and said she’s doing quick sketches of people that are window shopping or sitting near her. She gave away the successful portraits to each person.

My dad thought it was kind of weird but gave it to his Mom to keep. The day after my parents got married, my Mom went over to my Grandmas house and saw this portrait and asked to keep it. Then my parents forgot about it.

THAT IS UNTIL I PICKED IT UP OUT OF THE DUST….40 years later. MY dad is now 60 years old. It is crazy how much we look alike, we have the same nose, mouth, face shape and hair colour.

I got it cropped, matted and framed. I think it is a lovely piece and the artist captured my Dad’s features very well considering how fast she apparently she did it.

I am excited to give it to him tomorow and eventually maybe I will attempt to do some of my family’s portraits…..MAYBE. AHAH

Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend and happy father’s day tomorrow!

Talk to you soon everyone!


4 thoughts on “Father’s Day Gift For My Daddy :D

  1. This is a wonderful Father’s Day gift! He may be modest about it, but I am sure he will appreciate your thoughtfulness. You are a good daughter. The older people get the more they appreciate their parents (at least I think so). I hope your gift is treasured and I hope you are treasured too!
    Happy Father’s Day,

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