Well it took me a few months of working on these a few hours at a time when I could but I believe my Wild Eyes series is complete. These were done using acrylics. Let me know what you think of them?
P.S…..Happy Humpday Everyone πŸ˜€



    • Yes, I know I really should have all my pieces labeled including title, size, medium and price. I made the mistake of uploading a lot at once and now I cant seem to find the time to go through all my social media and label. Thank you for stating this though, it encourages me to get on this. I realize it’s importance. Thanks for the lovely compliment on the paintings. πŸ˜€ Check back soon for updates πŸ˜€

  1. Thank you for liking “The Walk” on my amateur art blog. I’m enjoying your work, very inspiring! Nice blog too πŸ™‚ Best wishes for the upcoming art show.. Best regards, Scott

    • Thanks so much for the compliments πŸ˜€ Im glad you’re enjoying my array of crazy creative ventures ahaha AND thanks so much for the support for my art show this weekend. Going great so far! Hope you have a good weekend!

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